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Indian Astrologer Dr. Anitaa Nigaam Predicting Euro 2020 Football Matches with Highest Level of Accuracy.

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Indian Astrologer Dr. Anitaa Nigaam Predicting Euro 2020 Football Matches with Highest Level of Accuracy.

June 21
17:33 2021

Renowned Astrologer Numerologist and Vaastu Expert, Dr. Anitaa Nigaam returns to the football spotlight with predictions for the ongoing Euro 2020 and Copa America 2021 Predictions. As a seasoned and efficient predictor, she has been able to predict correctly past world cups, Euro, European Leagues since 1994 and has etched her name alongside the greatest predictors of this lovely Game.

When it comes to predictions sometimes it is hard to find truthful people that predict correctly the outcome of events. Dr. Anitaa Nigaam proves that statement false. As an acclaimed Vedic Astrologer from India she has been able to make highly respectable predictions that turns out to be true. With an M.A in Anthropology from Lucknow University, she delved into Astrology in a scientific way and studied Jyotish Praveen and Joytish Visharad and got her knowledge from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, Delhi Chapter. Known for being a pioneer of Sports Astrology back in 1990, Dr. Nigaam has been a dominant figure in helping predict the future outcomes of sports such as Cricket, Soccer, Hockey, Rugby and Lawn Tennis. Also, as the dotcom bubble increased around 1998, Dr. NIgaam was the first female Astrologer from India to adventure into the Internet space with the advent of Astrological services.

In the ongoing Euro 2020, Dr. Anitaa Nigaam predictions are bang on with highest level of accuracy rate, where some notable predictions till date for Euro 2020 are Draw predicted for England vs Scotland match, Draw between Hungary vs France match. There are still plenty of Euro Cup 2020 football match predictions are available to watch out.


Euro 2020 Football Match Predictions
Copa America 2021 Football Match Predictions

Indian Premier League 2021 Cricket Match Predictions:

One of the predictions that brought Dr. Anitaa Nigaam world fame was her Soccer Predictions. This started in the World Cup of 1994 as all predictions of the World Cup matches and its events from Dr. Nigaam proved true and were correct. Some of her stunner predictions at the World Cup included the unbelievable revelation that team Bulgaria will come out winners against the mighty Germans in the 1994 world cup quarterfinal and the eventual winners of the event would become Brazil. These predictions brought her to the spotlight and she became revered in the sports world for her accuracy in Soccer Predictions.

Another highlight of Dr. Nigaam’s career as a Vedic Astrologer and Football Predictions expert came in the 2002 World cup after a perfect prediction of Senegal’s win against France and also the Euro Cup of 2004. At the Euro’s she gave a resounding prediction of Greece becoming champions and some of her predictions for the Euro cup can be seen on YouTube.

About Dr. Anitaa Nigaam

Dr. Anitaa Nigaam is an award-winning Vedic astrologer from India. With over 30 years of experience in the field of Numero-Astrology & Vaastu, she has had an impact by making many accurate predictions on life, relationships, career, progeny, education, business, national and international events, natural calamities, wars, Bollywood and Hollywood personalities, political personalities, predicted uncounted correct sports predictions which has enriched the lifestyles of over 15000 Astro Numero Consultancies and over 3000 vaastu consultancies of individual across the globe through her astrological guidance. In terms of Sports Predictions she had predicted over 20000+ match predictions of football, cricket, tennis, hockey etc… As a specialist in her field and an associate with top astrology portals. She has been featured in numerous national and international televisions, newspapers, online newspaper, blogs, radio for various predictions and astrology talk shows, proving her worth as the best.

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