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Qingsongchou Outperforms Gofundme and Becomes the Platform Receiving Most Donations in the World

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Qingsongchou Outperforms Gofundme and Becomes the Platform Receiving Most Donations in the World

April 20
22:04 2020

A recent report by Qingsongchou announces that the platform has set a record by receiving 2 billion times of donation, outperforming American platform gofundme to be the world’s most donated platform.


Qingsongchou has built a giant platform with 600 million registered users thanks to its innovative way of “social+crowdfunding”, which helps the platform to get investment from prestigious investment institutions such as IDG, Tencent, and Tong’dao Capital. It also makes the platform to strengthen its user stickiness. A giant traffic-pool of the platform is the most valuable fundamentals of all Internet companies. Since its establishment 5 years ago, Qingsongchou has been maintaining the high-frequency of platform-user interaction through various innovative methods, amassing brand influence in social media. Besides, it has become the pace-setter to guide the public to release their enthusiasm for public philanthropy and charity.

It is important to note that Qingsongchou is dedicated to promote public philanthropy and it has clear development orientation-making an in-depth layout based on China’s ever-expanding “small-town and rural markets”. The data in the newly-released report manifests that Qingsongchou has built great influence and appeal in “small-town and rural markets” due to its years of considerable efforts. For one thing: four-tier cities and cities below together account for 50% of the initiation of fund-raising. For another: citizens of the above cities make up for 31% of all benefactors, which makes them the major contributor to the overall donation. This shows the platform’s user structure has a feature and tendency of “coming down to the very mass”, which helps the platform to make presence to the “small-town and rural markets” that is huger and more scattered compared with the first-tier-city and second-tier-city markets.

In a word, Qingsongchou makes the most of the “inclusiveness feature” of the Internet by its “cross-funding relief for serious illnesses”, thus wins the title of “King of the ‘small-town and rural markets’”. This emboldens unlimited imagination to the commercial value of Qingsongchou, and paves a way for the platform to make an in-depth layout of it “All in” big health industry. At the moment, Qingsongchou has built a comprehensive health and security system encompassing disease relief, mutual assistance, insurance, philanthropy and health, etc. in order to share the risk of serious illness for its users. It’s not hard to see that Qingsongchou has formed a benign business model of sustainability.   

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