Grommunio 2023.11.1 is Here: A Quantum Leap in Open Source Groupware for Enterprises

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Grommunio 2023.11.1 is Here: A Quantum Leap in Open Source Groupware for Enterprises

December 05
05:14 2023

grommunio GmbH are proud to announce the release of grommunio 2023.11.1, a pivotal update solidifying their position as the leading open source groupware platform for enterprises. This release is packed with substantial enhancements, reflecting their commitment to delivering a comprehensive, secure, and efficient communication solution for businesses globally.

grommunio, a transparent open source alternative to Microsoft Exchange, empowers users with efficiency, creativity, and secure communication while retaining absolute control over their data. Synonymous with open source collaboration, grommunio offers a suite covering Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Meet, Chat, Files, Office, and Mobile Device Management (MDM). Overcoming challenges and proving skeptics wrong, our journey has yielded invaluable insights, shaping grommunio’s success.

Norbert Lambing, CEO said:”With grommunio 2023.11.1, we’re not just releasing an update; we’re pioneering a path towards digital sovereignty in enterprise communication. This version is a bold stride into uncharted territories of open source groupware, challenging proprietary norms and offering a real, robust alternative. Our focus is on empowering users with tech that’s not only innovative but respects their autonomy and choice.”Key Developments and Features:

1. Revolutionary EWS Functionality in Open Source • grommunio surpasses Microsoft Exchange by 2.7 times in performance • Fully integrated support for Microsoft Outlook for Mac, Apple Mail, and Microsoft Outlook for Mobile

2. Robust Single Sign-On (SSO) Solution • SPNEGO/Kerberos Authentication enhances enterprise capabilities • Seamless SSO with MS Active Directory and Samba4 environments.

3. grommunio Web: A Step Ahead in Accessibility and Design • Redesigned to adhere to WCAG 2.1 guideline • 25% faster end-to-end processing

4. Flexibility with Multiple-Identity Logon • Supports multiple-identity logon using alternative logon names • Greater flexibility in identity management

5. Seamless Online Update and Upgrade • Effortless system maintenance via grommunio Admin Web

6. Enhanced Mail Delivery and Addressing Capabilities • Streamlined email handling with recipient (“plus-addressing”) • Improved mailbox DB operations

7. Continuous Improvement Through Bug Fixes • Vital improvements, including support for non-receiving shared mailboxes • Enhanced emsmdb and zcore configurations • Fixes in imap, exmdb, and alias_resolve modules

8. Modern Authentication in grommunio Web • Strengthened security with OpenID Connect Authentication • 2FA for enhanced security

9. Refined Folder and Message Delivery Mechanisms • Enhanced folder and message delivery functionality

10. Comprehensive IMAP and Productivity Enhancements • Substantial enhancements to the IMAP protocol • Support for vCard 4.0 specifications and optimizations for mail delivery processes

11. Proactive Microsoft Graph API Development • Ongoing development ensures grommunio remains at the forefront of technology • M365-agnostic compatibility

Despite Microsoft’s plans to retire Exchange Web Services (EWS), grommunio’s strategic implementation reflects current needs, ensuring users retain access to critical functionalities. Dual support for EWS and Microsoft Graph API illustrates grommunio’s commitment to future-proofing the platform.

Jan Engelhardt, Development Director, stated: “This iteration of grommunio pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in groupware technology. We’ve delved deep into the tech, enhancing EWS functionality and fortifying security, to deliver a solution that’s not just another option, but a genuine game changer. It’s about delivering quality, open source innovation that meets the complex demands of our users, setting new standards in enterprise communication.”

Founded in 2019, grommunio emerged as an open source platform challenging centralized proprietary software solutions. Offering privacy, security, and flexibility, grommunio revolutionizes communication and collaboration with a commitment to customer orientation, simplicity, quality, self-reflection, trust, ownership, and humanity. grommunio’s commitment goes beyond the creation of tools; it’s about how these tools empower individuals to work, connect, and express themselves. Their success is a testament to the collective efforts of various contributors who played pivotal roles in our journey.For further details, consult the Release Notes on the website.

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