Unlock The Powers Of Coupon Marketing With LinkMyDeals’ Affiliate Tools

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Unlock The Powers Of Coupon Marketing With LinkMyDeals’ Affiliate Tools

March 07
20:46 2023

LinkMyDeals is a revolutionary platform that provides the world’s most accurate coupon feeds. On January 1, 2023, the company launched a new platform for brands and advertisers who want to promote a store or affiliate program with publishers that are registered on LinkMyDeals. 

This new platform will make it easy for advertisers to publish discounts or coupons on numerous coupon websites from a single panel. To see a full list of benefits for advertisers and start promoting a website through coupon marketing, see https://linkmydeals.com/merchant-account/.

Currently, there are two types of users that work with LinkMyDeals:

  • Publisher Account: A publisher is someone who wants to receive coupons from brands or advertisers. Normally, they are coupon websites, blogging websites, B2B businesses, reward platforms and so on.

  • Merchant Account: A merchant (also known as a brand or advertiser) is someone who wishes to list coupons on a publisher’s website. Advertisers are businesses that have a product or a service to sell. For example, Onsitego.com, Firstcry.com, Box8.in, or Amazon.com.

The e-commerce industry is growing exponentially year over year, and with this, the affiliate marketing industry has also been in the spotlight. Every year, more affiliate marketers are entering this industry and generating sales for the e-commerce brands and advertisers. 

Many start by creating a coupon website, which is quite easy to set up with WordPress themes such as ClipMyDeals. LinkMyDeals gives a complete solution to these websites when it comes to bringing coupon content to their sites automatically. 

All a publisher has to do is subscribe to stores on LinkMyDeals. After that, LinkMyDeals shares the coupons for the subscribed stores via a CSV file or API response. These coupons are sourced by LinkMyDeals via official communication channels such as website banners, SMS, push notifications, affiliate networks, and more.

On the other hand, B2B and B2C platforms are also leveraging LinkMyDeals by rewarding coupons and deals to users when they achieve a certain goal. This has proved to be a win-win for all:

  • The user feels a sense of accomplishment

  • The advertiser gets a sale

  • The publisher earns a commission

The internet is an ocean, and there are so many things to do to promote products and services to the people who really wish to purchase them. Every publisher has an audience – readers and users who are already interested in a niche. 

To be honest, they might even be looking for a brand to promote on their platform. LinkMyDeals can help companies achieve visibility on hundreds of publisher websites by making store coupons available to all publishers working with them.

In the new era of e-commerce, consumers are always looking for a coupon to apply to the cart page to get additional discounts. Partnering with an affiliate publisher will increase a brand’s credibility in the pools of so many e-commerce stores. 

This will also allow coupons to be viewed by the consumer sooner or later, which will definitely get sales up. However, this is not just limited to sales growth. LinkMyDeals also has publishers from international markets, which can open doors to foreign markets and help any company scale globally too.

Affiliate marketing has not taken deep roots in the marketing strategies of every e-commerce store, primarily because not many are aware of the benefits of promoting coupons. Moreover, there aren’t many platforms which can help mass distribute or publish coupons.

As the market continues to grow, leveraging coupons by the publisher and advertisers will be seen quite often by businesses of all sizes, and more organizations will use this method with greater frequency in the future.

About Link My Deals:

LinkMyDeals is an innovative platform that offers the most precise coupon feeds globally. The company recently unveiled a new platform on January 1, 2023, designed for brands and advertisers who wish to advertise stores or affiliate programs to publishers registered on LinkMyDeals. This platform simplifies the process for advertisers to publish their discounts and coupons on multiple coupon websites simultaneously, using just one control panel.

Find more about Link My Deals at:

Link: https://linkmydeals.com/

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