Farmy introduces the first farmlands NFT platform to take the agriculture industry into a new era

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Farmy introduces the first farmlands NFT platform to take the agriculture industry into a new era

February 04
00:30 2023
Farmy connects farmers and investors seamlessly.

Farmy Farmy, the world’s first cross-border farmland investment platform, announces its launch to revolutionize the agriculture industry. Farmy aims to create a win-win-win scenario for investors, sellers and farmers by providing access to capital, increasing efficiency, and unlocking new revenue streams through the use of blockchain technology and NFTs.

Using the power of crowd-farming, Farmy offers an alternative funding platform allowing farmers to easily and quickly acquire capital or sell their farmlands. Investors from around the world can now buy a piece of farmland for as little as $50, through fractional NFTs backed by a physical plot of land.

In the US, a loss of farmlands is happening at a rate of 500,000 acres a year. To feed the world’s growing population, fueled by rising middle-class incomes, 70% more farm capacity will be required. Scarcity and rising demand put enormous strain on farmlands, creating an opportunity to unlock their value.

Farmy explains, “The current situation makes it difficult for small investors to purchase farms. There are numerous difficulties, including the high cost of purchasing and running a farm, restrictions on the amount of farmland that can be purchased, legal and regulatory obstacles, and high start-up capital requirements. Other difficulties include a lack of secondary markets, fierce competition in the real estate market, and lack of transparent processes while dealing with agricultural land.”

Investors can diversify into the safe haven farmland assets spread around the world, and build a portfolio of farmlands with multiple streams of income which includes farmland appreciation, crop proceeds, staking rewards, marketplace & secondary market sales commissions, and lender revenues.

“The Farmy Ecosystem offers a unique synergetic solution for the farmland industry, creating a three-way win for investors, sellers, and farmers,” says a spokesperson. 

While farmlands cannot be directly tokenized, a legal entity such as a company can. As a result, each farmland is acquired by a management company and tokenized for sale. The Farmy team will be responsible for managing companies that operate farmlands on behalf of token holders. A main DAO will manage the Farmy Ecosystem, and each farmland will have a sub-DAO for decision-making where NFT holders will have a say.  

The Farmy Ecosystem is a game-changer in agriculture and farmland investment. Its decentralized nature, powered by blockchain technology, allows for global accessibility to local niche markets. In addition, the stability and durability of farmland investments make them a low-risk, stable yield option for investors.

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