Big E-commerce Opportunity Brought by TikTok’s Launch in the US. The 8th FastData Global Short Video Premium Salon was Successfully Held on December 27th

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Big E-commerce Opportunity Brought by TikTok’s Launch in the US. The 8th FastData Global Short Video Premium Salon was Successfully Held on December 27th

January 11
20:21 2023


2022 is a year full of unknown and opportunities for enterprises. Against the backdrop of the economic cycle, enterprises in different life cycles are all facing their own problems. However, the launch of TikTok in the US provides entrepreneurs with new opportunities and risks. How to further improve the localization of enterprises? What is the underlying logic of localization? How can platforms and brands leverage each other? What are the compliant systematic methods and paths? How can enterprises grow in the US?

On December 27th, FastData successfully held its 8th global short video premium salon! This salon focused on the TikTok platform, employed “Big E-commerce Opportunity Brought by the Launch of TikTok Shop USA” as the entry point, gathered the entrepreneurs at the forefront of business ecology in the US to share their experience, and made a comprehensive analysis on the business hotspot, problem, pain point and trend point of TikTok in the US. In addition, the localization and differentiation of merchants, brands and content creators in the US were discussed, and a series of issues such as TikTok’s business model, content production, data analysis, MCN, payment and culture in the US were deeply analyzed, and a lot of valuable ideas were generated.

In this premium salon, FastData, the organizer, specially invited Jia Wei – founder of TK Zengzhanghui, Chen Shi – partner of Geenius Inc, Ma He – Vice president of Meridian Capital, and Ge Weisheng – founder of DTC SaaS to give a keynote speech and share experience for the premium salon. 

This premium salon was carried out by FastData, propagated by several media including Baijing Kuajing, 36Kr Chuhai, Yuguo Kuajing, Ebrun Dongli, TK Zengzhanghui,, etc., and broadcasted live simultaneously. It is TikTok’s highest level premium salon at present. 

This salon has attracted a lot of TikTok short video practitioners to watch. During the salon, TikTok’s similarities and differences in the US, traffic changes, business opportunities, brand going overseas, and cross-border payments were discussed with the audience in front of the screen, which generated wonderful interactions. 

FastData, the organizer of the premium salon, is a third-party data platform driven by technology and products and a representative of emerging overseas enterprises. At present, it mainly provides TikTok-oriented social media big data analysis services. FastData has held six Tiktok touring premium salons in China in the past three months, including Guangzhou, Xiamen and Hangzhou stations. This was the seventh TikTok touring salon. Due to its strong execution, high-quality guests and shared content, the salon has attracted wide attention from the industry.

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