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Utilizing Of Astro Strategy™ Is The New Trend For Business Revolution To Increase Certainty Of Success

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Utilizing Of Astro Strategy™ Is The New Trend For Business Revolution To Increase Certainty Of Success

April 29
16:37 2022
Utilizing Of Astro Strategy™ Is The New Trend For Business Revolution To Increase Certainty Of Success

In a recent chat, Hirav discussed his experience of working with top business people, Real Estate Developers and much more for how they deal with UNCERTAINTY in BUSINESS.

“If people are DOING business or BUYING business or STARTING any PROJECT, they should be able to make money as per POTENTIAL of BUSINESS or PROJECT”, says Hirav Shah. “Same way, If people are into POLITICS… power should be there. If they are into ENTERTAINMENT OR in SPORTS… they should be in the top 20 and they should be getting endorsement as per their face value…

“If they are not able to make MONEY as per POTENTIAL of their business, means there must be some problem in their HARD WORK or STRATEGIES or EXECUTION or TALENT or LUCK. The point is people should MAKE MONEY as per their POTENTIAL. Why EARN LESS than the POTENTIAL of BUSINESS?”

90% of businesses fail in the first 60 months due to UNCERTAINTY.

Most of the successful businessmen in the world have one thing in common. They’re in a situation where they’ve learned to increase their CERTAINTY.

How to increase certainty in business? By getting the results in ADVANCE.

“Astrology is the only TOOL where people can get to know things in advance before making any strategies or taking any massive action. And when they gain certainty, they can execute with more potential!”

Hirav is a pioneer in introducing the most popular Astro Strategy™ for Business revolution to increase CERTAINTY of SUCCESS.

“Act” and “React” both are very important ingredients for any business.

ASTRO STRATEGY™ is the combination of Mindset, Talent, Strategies, Effective Execution and Luck to utilize When, where, what and how to ACT and REACT. It cures ALL and that’s called SUCCESS.

There are mainly 12 Zodiac Signs, 12 houses in a Horoscope, Same way in real life there are 12 months, 7 days, 7 Main planets and 2 Shadow planets (Rahu and Ketu).

All planets are good, all planets show some movement everyday.

The Point is how to utilize and to make & execute strategies with planets’ movement to create opportunities for business and for making the future better.

If people get sick, what will they do… they will go to the doctor… will take medicines and if things are not improving… they will visit another doctor… correct? Means they are changing their approach… same way in Business, MAKE MONEY as per POTENTIAL… if they are not able to make money as per their potential… change APPROACH… keep changing approach until succeed.

Why live an OK life…why not an excellent life?

“Nowadays businessmen are utilizing different astro tools to increase certainty of business. Let’s say Real Estate is a very uncertain business. They don’t know when their project will sell off, so there is one tool called measuring the sales timeline of unsold inventories. When they come to know the approximate timeline, its easy to make marketing, advertising strategies etc. for that particular real estate project. It helps to tap on the right potential at the right time,” explains Hirav Shah.

Hirav Shah is the top advisor in the fields of Real Estate, Corporate Business, Sports, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tourism, Politics with an astounding global presence.

“In life, when businessmen have CLARITY on where they want to go and GUIDELINES on what are the CHANCES of REACHING there, they can become UNSTOPPABLE.”



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