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The Geography Atrophy pipeline is booming with the influx of the key companies along with the anticipated novel drugs

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The Geography Atrophy pipeline is booming with the influx of the key companies along with the anticipated novel drugs

December 03
13:30 2021
The Geography Atrophy pipeline is booming with the influx of the key companies along with the anticipated novel drugs
Geography Atrophy Pipeline
There are currently 25+ drugs in the Geography Atrophy pipeline

DelveInsight’s Geography Atrophy pipeline report provides comprehensive coverage of the emerging drugs profiles, including clinical and nonclinical products. It also covers the therapeutics assessment by product type, stage, route of administration, and molecule type.

Some of the Important Findings from the Geography Atrophy Market Report 

  • There are currently 25+ drugs in the Geography Atrophy pipeline.

  • The Geography Atrophy pipeline consists of therapies in different clinical phase stages, including Pegcetacoplan, ALK-001, NGM621, RG6147, RO7303359, and others.

  • Leading players actively working to improve the Geography Atrophy treatment landscape are Apellis Pharmaceuticals, Alkeus Pharmaceuticals, NGM Biopharmaceuticals, Genentech, Roche, and others.

  • Key Geography Atrophy therapies in the late stage of development include Pegcetacoplan (Apellis Pharmaceuticals), ALK-001 (Alkeus Pharmaceuticals), and others.

  • RO7303359 is being developed and investigated in phase I Geography Atrophy clinical trials by Roche.

Get a detailed analysis of the pipeline landscape @ Geography Atrophy Pipeline Analysis

Geography Atrophy Overview

Geographic atrophy (GA), also known as atrophic age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or advanced Dry AMD, is an advanced form of age-related macular degeneration that can result in the progressive and irreversible loss of retina (photoreceptors, retinal pigment epithelium, and choriocapillaris) over time, resulting in a loss of visual function. 

Geography Atrophy Symptoms 

The first Geography Atrophy symptom may be discovered while reading when one or more letters in a word are missing. When looking at faces, for example, a small portion of the face cannot be seen. Typically, once GA begins, the region of atrophy gradually expands over several years until central vision is lost and vision is around 20/200. Usually, it does not affect peripheral vision.

Geography Atrophy Treatment 

Geographic Atrophy currently has no approved treatments. While there are no approved Geography Atrophy treatments, patients should be seen by an ophthalmologist regularly so that if they develop neovascular AMD, they can be treated. Patients can benefit from reading aids such as increased lighting, magnification, and low vision devices.

Geography Atrophy Pipeline Analysis: Drug Profiles 

NGM621: NGM Biopharmaceuticals

Product Description

NGM621 is a humanised IgG1 monoclonal antibody designed to potently inhibit complement C3 activity, with the treatment goal of slowing disease progression in patients with geographic atrophy (GA) and the potential for every eight weeks dosing without pegylation.

Phase II 

NCT04465955 (CATALINA): The Phase II CATALINA study, a multicenter, randomised, double-masked, sham-controlled clinical trial, is currently underway at NGM to assess the safety and efficacy of intravitreal injections (IVT) of NGM621 in patients with GA secondary to AMD.

Geography Atrophy Pipeline Therapies and Key Companies 

  • Pegcetacoplan: Apellis Pharmaceuticals

  • ALK-001: Alkeus Pharmaceuticals

  • NGM621: NGM Biopharmaceuticals

  • RG6147: Genentech

  • RO7303359: Roche

Find out the emerging therapies and companies @ Geography Atrophy Clinical Trails 

Geography Atrophy Assessment

  • By Product Type

    • Monotherapy

    • Combination Therapy

  • By Stage

    • Discovery

    • Pre-Clinical

    • Phase I

    • Phase II

    • Phase III

    • Pre-registration

  • By Route of Administration

    • Inhalation

    • Intravenous

    • Oral

    • Subcutaneous

  • By Molecule Type

    • Small Molecule

    • Stem Cell Therapy

    • Gene Therapy

  • Targets

    • Immune System

    • Multiple Kinase

  • By Mechanism of Action

    • Protease Inhibitors

    • Immunomodulatory

Scope of the Report

Coverage: Global

Geography Atrophy Key Players: Apellis Pharmaceuticals, Alkeus Pharmaceuticals, NGM Biopharmaceuticals, Genentech, Roche, among others

Geography Atrophy Pipeline Therapies: Pegcetacoplan, ALK-001, NGM621, RG6147, RO7303359, and others

Table of Contents 




Executive Summary


Geographic Atrophy: Overview


Geographic Atrophy- Analytical Perspective In-depth Commercial Assessment


Geographic Atrophy Pipeline Therapeutics


Geographic Atrophy Late Stage Products (Phase III)


Geographic Atrophy Mid Stage Products (Phase II)


Geographic Atrophy Mid Stage Products (Phase II)


Geographic Atrophy Early Stage Products (Phase I)


Geographic Atrophy Therapeutic Assessment


Geographic Atrophy Inactive Products


Geographic Atrophy Company-University Collaborations (Licensing/Partnering) Analysis


Geographic Atrophy Key Companies


Geographic Atrophy Key Products


Geographic Atrophy- Unmet Needs


Geographic Atrophy- Market Drivers and Barriers


Geographic Atrophy- Future Perspectives and Conclusion


Geographic Atrophy Analyst Views




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Key questions answered in the Geography Atrophy Pipeline Report

  • What Geography Atrophy treatments are available?

  • How many pharmaceutical companies are working on treatments for Geography Atrophy?

  • Which of these companies’ pharmaceuticals is the most commonly used?

  • How many Geography Atrophy medications are manufactured by each company?

  • How many drugs targeting Geography Atrophy are in early, mid, or late development?

  • How many of the therapies that are currently being developed can be used alone or in combination with other treatments?

  • What are the most important collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, and licencing practises in Geography Atrophy?

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