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Data Space Transfer Protocol (DSTP) creates an innovative automatic market-making transaction protocol

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Data Space Transfer Protocol (DSTP) creates an innovative automatic market-making transaction protocol

August 17
05:42 2021

Recently, the Data Space Transfer Protocol (DSTP) innovative automatic market-making transaction protocol has received widespread attention from the market. It realizes the multi-chain sharing of digital assets by constructing a multi-chain ecological deployment system, and improves the AMM model (active market maker algorithm). The method of accessing the Chainlink oracle protocol provides a highly secure liquidity effect. In terms of finding the best transaction path for users, the Data Space Transfer Protocol (DSTP) provides multiple public chain cross-chain aggregation transaction functions that integrate cross-chain transactions. Chain liquidity, providing derivative services in risk hedging, etc., and these technical services can be applied on the Ethereum network Layer2.

The disadvantages of traditional centralized exchanges are obvious, such as the difficulty of depositing legal currency, imperfect technical structure, lack of good service experience, “delivery” has become “harvest”, settlement currency prices fluctuate sharply, profits cannot be settled in time, and there are system losses The problem of sharing. For the concept of disintermediation and trustless third parties, decentralized exchanges are an indispensable part of a more encrypted world. Compared with other decentralized exchanges on the chain, Data Space Transfer Protocol (DSTP) has a wide range of funds that can be invested, low slippage, reduced risk of impermanence, high scalability, real-time transaction speed, and low gas fees. Etc. In the later period, Data Space Transfer Protocol (DSTP) will continue to strengthen R&D investment to explore true decentralized cross-chain technology to realize the intelligent scene of multiple public chains and create seamless exchange and interoperability applications of multi-chain native assets.

The person in charge of Data Space Transfer Protocol (DSTP) said that we support any individual user to issue ERC20 tokens on the platform and create a corresponding fund pool. When a fund pool of ERC20 tokens is created, the platform encourages all participants Exchange transactions in the same fund pool, and give the first liquidity provider who provides liquidity in this contract the right to set the exchange rate between this ERC20 token and ETH (or ERC20 token), and provide liquidity The person gives all transaction fees. When the exchange rate in the fund pool is inconsistent with the larger market, there is room for arbitrage. At this time, arbitrage traders can smooth out these spreads by moving bricks to keep the exchange rate consistent with the broader market. After that, all liquidity providers will use the exchange rate at the time of recharging as the basis for calculating equivalence.

Data Space Transfer Protocol (DSTP) will build the most secure, stable and efficient digital currency value network for users around the world, and provide the highest quality digital currency AMM service. The self-developed matching system can process millions of transactions per second. In addition, in order to meet the diverse needs of users, Data Space Transfer Protocol (DSTP) has not only developed an advanced matching system for currency transactions, but also opened up safe and efficient C2C transaction services, using blockchain technology for users And the token economic model to build a continuous, transparent, low-friction, and non-discriminatory trading environment.

In addition, in order to realize the high efficiency of the user’s digital asset value transfer and the maximization of benefits, the Data Space Transfer Protocol (DSTP) will issue platform tokens-DSTP tokens based on the ecological application value to promote the settlement and value of the platform from within the ecosystem. Circulation, at the same time, tokens can be exchanged and circulated with mainstream legal currencies, which has both circulation value and investment value. It is understood that Data Space Transfer Protocol (DSTP) has reached an agreement with Okta and Grayscale Fund. DSTP starts to hold currency to earn interest, and all consensus groups can obtain DSTP through pledge currency mining.

In the future, as the Data Space Transfer Protocol ecosystem continues to grow, DSTP will become a mainstream value token. At the same time, the platform will also develop and improve its own public chain system, enrich the DAPP ecosystem, expand application scenarios, and link more real industry economies. The ecology will consume DSTP tokens and continuously drive the circulation of DSTP. In addition, in the future, the value of DSTP will continue to increase, and the platform will regularly repurchase DSTP for destruction, which will also make DSTP gradually move towards deflation.

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