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Explaining the code of professional trading Infinity Vision for wealth

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Explaining the code of professional trading Infinity Vision for wealth

August 14
02:05 2021

As one of the top performing fund managers in Asia in 2020, Infinity vision has more than 3 years of professional coaching experience and conducts seminars around the world. With the theme of “Trade with Confidence and Profit in Peace”, Infinity vision delivers the wealth code to global investors, including cutting-edge market economy topics such as financial analysis, risk management, PIPS profit management and money ecology.

Infinity vision’s wealth philosophy and strength has been attracting a steady stream of industry professionals who are growing when they encounter strength. Chairman David Evans, who founded Infinity vision with over 30 years of venture capital and index trading experience, is also the Chairman of the Infinity Vision Trading Academy (IVT).

As a leader in the index trading industry, David has a unique perspective on market investing. He believes that “the right trading strategy is more of a mean-reversion mindset, where minor market swings and downtrends are usually short-lived and trading prices quickly fall back to the mean or range.” David does not constantly monitor the market, but rather catches signs of overbought or oversold pairs in the forex market to determine reversal trends. After combining various chart models and financial news information, David uses technical analysis and various types of investment tools to determine support and resistance levels in order to find exit points from the market. He says, “Making an incredible amount of money in one trade sounds fun, but it’s not my style. Low to medium risk levels are what I’m looking for.” I believe that under David’s leadership, traders will be more certain of being able to get the maximum return with the lowest risk.

Unlike David, Josh Dominic Cruz, senior fund manager at Infinity Vision, is more adept at market psychology, technical analysis, and other money management approaches as a cryptocurrency enthusiast and short- to medium-term swing trader/investor specialist who tends to take a portfolio diversification approach to diversify trading risk. He manages portfolios in several different sectors, most of which are focused on the following: cryptocurrencies/alternative coins, Initial Token Offerings (ICOs), small cap stocks (all sectors), stocks and index funds. Notably, Josh has mentored and trained over 200 new traders who have been able to earn 5-figure profits under his guidance. There are currently 74 millionaires mentored by him who have gone from nothing to something under his wing since 2010.

Another legendary trader, CG Yung, is a senior fund manager at Infinity Vision and is known as the “street trader” in the industry. After graduating from high school at the age of 17, he started working in the community as a counter worker in a fitness center, a factory janitor, a flyer distributor, and a mascot. But CG Yung gradually realized that this was not the life he wanted, much less the destiny he deserved. The only way to change his life, he said, was by investing in himself. In 2014, while working as a waiter at a high-end vegetarian restaurant near Orchard 

Road in Singapore, he met his first mentor, a world-class fund manager from the U.S. He started buying trading-related books and attending trading seminars every month with the money he earned from his odd jobs. It was during a 30-minute conversation that his mentor pointed out his blind spots and ignorance in the pursuit of wealth. It was then that he decided to become a student of his course and over the next 7 years he managed to turn his 3-figure portfolio into a 7-figure portfolio. Now they not only have a mentor/apprentice relationship, but are also co-founders of the I.V Traders Academy.

Just like CG Yung, perhaps each of us is a beginner on the path of trading, but coming to Infinity Vision, we all meet our buddhist. Led by professional fund managers, every trader or soon-to-be trader will learn the most cutting-edge market trading knowledge and be able to choose from Forex trading, stock trading, commodity trading, etc. to create their own trading legends!

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