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PERKOTEK Launched Personnel Tracking Systems, X-Ray Device And Turnstile Systems For Attendance Tracking

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PERKOTEK Launched Personnel Tracking Systems, X-Ray Device And Turnstile Systems For Attendance Tracking

June 23
01:13 2021
PERKOTEK or Personnel Attendance Control Technologies, a company that has carved its own niche by offering reliable and stable attendance control systems for businesses, recently launched their latest solutions.

PERKOTEK, a company which has succeeded in making its name known in the domestic and foreign markets by designing and developing many products in the field of informatics and attendance control, recently launched their latest enterprise level solutions. The personel takip sistemi or Personnel Tracking Systems launched by the company are accompanied by two other releases, Turnike or Turnstile Systems and X Ray Cihazı or X-Ray devices, both of which are designed for tracking and controlling attendance in business premises, especially in offices and factories.

The owners stated that the personnel tracking systems are a preferred choice of large factories and businesses. In the case of large offices and factories, many people gather inside a single structure, which is why the security of these facilities needs to be tightened. The owns added that their personnel tracking systems come in three different types – card reader, personnel tracking systems, and fingerprint readers.

“With our advanced tracking systems, business owners have the opportunity to examine all personnel thoroughly. It is useful for tracking entry and exit time of a staff member, making sure that they are regularly coming to work, and calculating salary. We also launched X Ray Cihazı or X Ray devices which are used to search for metal objects. These devices create X-rays, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation similar to radio waves or visible light. X-rays cannot be seen with the naked eye and have the ability to pass through materials, such as suitcases, parcels etc. placed on conveyors. These devices are useful for detecting dangerous or explosive materials”, said a sales executive of PERKOTEK.

“In addition, we also launched Turnike sistemleri or turnstile systems made of stainless 304 steel. These are waterproof systems ideal for outdoor use. Security levels can be increased by installing access control devices on or inside the turnstiles. It can be integrated with a card reader, fingerprint reader, face recognition terminal or palm vein recognition devices, as well as controlled with a button or remote control. When requested, turnstiles are also used to provide paid passes. For example, it can be used at pay-and-use toilet entrances, or at cafeteria entrances. We are aware that maintaining standards is as difficult as achieving them. We aim to provide solutions for business environments where a lot of people work together”, added the executive.

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PERKOTEK is a leading manufacturer of personnel attendance control systems.

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