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Praise of life,Hongshan craftsman Zhai Peng dedicated a large group of jade carvings for “cultural Renaissance”

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Praise of life,Hongshan craftsman Zhai Peng dedicated a large group of jade carvings for “cultural Renaissance”

June 22
10:36 2021


Jade, is also known as “Yu” in Chinese, which has many symbolic meanings in the traditional culture, such as beauty, nobility and purity.  “Yu” is a common object in many Chinese people’s lives from the past to the present.  As jade have influence walks of like since ancient time, many Chinese scholars tended to write poetry to express their special feelings influenced by Buddhism and Confucianism thoughts towards this special gem stone.  People also believed that jade contains many good ingredients and wearing a piece of jade on them could help them to promote body health, balance Yin and Yang and drive of disease by abstracting some elements.  In the past, “Yu” was not only for decoration-used but have more practical use.  People not only like to wear jade adornments, such as jade ring and necklace, but also use jade as a material for their daily articles.  For example, people made jade cup, jade pot, jade bowls and sacrificial vessel etc.  Some ancient music instruments were also made of jade, such as jade flute.


From times, there are many masterpieces left along with the change of dynasties. Most Ancient Jade jewelry are treasured collected by collector or exhibited at the museum throughout the world.  Many countries have its own jade culture, but no one can catch China with its long standing and profound jade history.  Jade has fascinated art lovers worldwide because of the sheer variety of colors and unique shapes.  Chinese jade could divided to several styles according to their origins, Xiu jade in Liaoning Province is one of them.  Xiuyan, as one of the jade ware that unearthed at Xiuyan of Liaoning province has a history of more than 5000 years. Peng Zhai, as one of the art lovers and the planner of “praise of life”, who also fascinated by this distinct gem stone.  He and his team used four years to collect different jade stones and used other six years to create the whole collection and want to show the world the glamour of Xiu jade.

“Hongshan jade culture began 5,000 years ago, is the birthplace of Chinese civilization.  We want to use this collection to pay tribute to the traditional culture, we want to show the world our cultural prosperity and confidence, also contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.” Said Peng Zhai, a Hongshan craftsman who is the mastermind of the “Praise of Life “.

“Nearly a decade of exploration and hard work, the collection of team spirit and wisdom, the joint efforts of more than one hundred and forty jade craftsmen, Hongshan artisan workers want to present the best version of jade culture to the world,” said by the “praise of life” team.

With the heart of the craftsman, show the patriotic ambition.

In the jade carving exhibition hall, the works of the Yellow River, Mount Tai, Chinese New Year and other jade carving groups reflect the delicate and wonderful characters, and the vivid images of various jade carving dishes which are breathtaking. Art originates from life and is higher than life.  This collection can show the spirits and pursuit of these Hongshan craftsmen.

Peng Zhai aims to inherit the history and culture through the form of jade carving, integrate modern elements, create a new height of jade carving art, and help the national culture to flourish. To this end, in the long-term producing period, the team summed up the unique design concept and processed new technology, researched the study of jade and combined the pursuit of culture and art.  As a result, they made a great innovation and created a new historical breakthrough in the global art field.

Based on food culture, Hongshan craftsmen have carried out creative cultural exchanges and artistic collisions between China and the West, breaking national boundaries, closely connecting the world’s art and culture, and creating a new cultural Renaissance.

The year 2021 is an extraordinary year. It is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the critical point that China has overcome poverty and started to create a moderate and prosperous society.  Reviewing the past, the victory of China is a remarkable flag of mankind and a miracle of human civilization. How to use the Xiu jade represent this historical and remarkable time point is growing in the heart of Peng Zhai and his team.

After four years, Zhai Peng was busy all over the country, selecting excellent jade craftsmen. After a long time of looking, collecting historical documents and selecting excellent jade materials, “Praising of Life” came into its initial shape. After another full six years, the team gradually formed and developed “Praising of Life” collection.  With the collective efforts of Hongshan craftsmen, the large jade carving group “Praising of Life” was presented to the public, depicting the stability of thousands of rivers and mountains and recording the prosperity of thousands of households. The Yellow River, Mount Tai, the Chinese New Year, the Jade Dragon, all parts of “Praise of Life” represent the sincere heart of Hongshan craftsmen to the Chinese civilization and the ultimate pursuit of culture and art.

The Yellow River is the dragon rolling to the east

The jade sculpture “Yellow River” is reduced to 21 meters on a scale of 260,000 to 1, restoring the magnificent veins of the Yellow River. This work is the soul of “Prasing of life” collection and also used 3D technology to present the sculpture work. Hongshan craftsmen use the shape and grain of natural jade itself to create all of the details of Yellow River.  Yellow River as Chinese people’s mother river shows a giving spirit to all Chinese people.  And Hongshan craftsmen wanted to use natural jade to present this giving spirit and also the magnificent view of this river.

After thousands of sails, all things come into being. The jade cabbages carved above the Yellow River show the original nature of peaceful and humble mind, and influence the thinking and character of Chinese people. Through the Chinese traditional jade and artistic language, it shows the broad and profound Chinese culture and the source of art.


Mount Taishan, the soul of Confucianism.

From ancient times to the present, Mount Tai has always been regarded as a symbol of the Chinese culture. The craftsmen of Hongshan reduced the height to 4.3 meters with a scale of 350 to 1, restoring the posture of a majestic and majestic Taishan. This work is a representative of the ultimate craftsmanship, showing the deep understanding of Chinese culture by Hongshan craftsmen. They understand the success of China didn’t come easily.  It took many pioneers’ efforts which people can’t forget.

Mount Tai is majestic and magnificent as a father, stands tall in the east of China. Under his protection, the Chinese people have learned what is the spirit of “carrying things with great virtue, worrying about the world and standing up to the sky”, the climbing spirit of “being able to climb to the top and see the small mountains”, and the inclusive spirit of “caring for the world and shining on the earth”.


The story of Chinese New Year

“New Year”, is the most charming image of Chinese culture. It contains firecrackers, red lanterns and big smiles on everyone’s face.  New Year is also the time that people going back to home and reunion with their family.

In the vast land of the China, it has the snow-covered northern landscape to the beautiful Lingnan with small Bridges and flowing water, has the desert of the Western Regions along the silk road to the vast East China Sea . Every inch of China’s magnificent mountains and rivers are proud by the Chinese people. Vast mountains and rivers, beautiful rivers and lakes not only provide people with rich products, creating a variety of special food, but also contains the simple philosophy of the ancients, 12 hours a day, 24 solar terms in a year, according to the time to eat, move, cycle, endless.No matter how the season goes, the harvest and prosperity of livestock is always the greatest wish of the Chinese people.



In Chinese old saying :there is food in the home, the heart does not panic.  The full rice bags and vegetable baskets, have become the most reassuring guarantee of people’s life. The bench, the ancient tea table, the, the class chapter of Yunnan, the tea sets are the symbol of Chinese people’s leisure time.

The “Flying Jade Dragon”

The work of “Flying Jade Dragon” shows both realism and freehand style. The territory of China is presented in the form of freehand style. Although it does not reflect any concrete objects, but it shows Taiwan island and the main body composed with clouds vividly.  It is a natural map of China which links the mainland and Taiwan tightly.  It shows the broad land and broad mind of Chinese people and we will never hold our steps for a better future.

In the future, Hongshan artisans will bring the ten year work – “Praising of life” collection into a world class museum.  It contains the famous “Manhan Banquet”, Chinese traditional cuisines, ancient tea table and many stuff like that.  It associates closely with Chinese traditional culture and global culture.  In addition, the team will continue to create new art works, hold world-class exhibitions and world cultural and art expos.  We want to show the world the charm of Jade and the charm of traditional Chinese culture.  

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