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Change Location When Online Shopping and Save Money on Best Deals Via Free VPN Service

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Change Location When Online Shopping and Save Money on Best Deals Via Free VPN Service

June 17
21:51 2021
Get the most out of a free VPN.

In business, specifically e-commerce, there is a marketing strategy that companies use to remain competitive and boost their sales by almost 25% in comparison. It is more commonly known as dynamic pricing or location-based pricing. Basically, it is a method that aims to set flexible prices for online purchases and services based on the current market demand in a certain location.

For example, if a country is in demand for a certain product or service in real-time, there will be a surge in pricing as compared to the neighboring countries. This goes vice versa. This explains the big difference in prices in different countries and is also the reason why most people tend to use a third-party application to bypass regional blocks to avail the best price for the merchandise. Read on to know how.

The solution: use a free VPN

Here’s the trick. By changing one’s location to somewhere with lower demand for a specific product, he or she will be able to avail the product for less. This can be done through a circumvention tool such as a Virtual Private Network service or a VPN.

Simply by connecting to a foreign virtual server, a user can easily spoof his location without alarming anyone. This works by rerouting the internet pathway to a secret tunnel, making it hidden from the remote server. With the user’s real identity and location masked, the authorities will not be able to detect and verify the origin of the request to access and will rely only on what the screen shows. Hence, a lower price rate is guaranteed.

Save money on other products and services via free VPN

Aside from online shopping, here are the other ways to maximize the use of a free VPN in e-commerce. The first is when buying tickets for flights and accommodations. Since Airlines and Hotels tend to offer different price deals depending on the customer’s location; one can easily research and canvass the different ticket prices from around the globe and then let VPNs do the work. Another is with monthly streaming subscriptions. In case someone doesn’t know, Netflix and other video-streaming apps charge different rates depending on a user’s country of origin. Now, following the same trick, when a user switches up his location, he will be able to save two dollars monthly at the very least. To get things started, one can download a free VPN such as GoingVPN. It offers a fast and safe connection for everyone without monthly fees.

Check out this website for more tips and tricks. 

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